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FUN88 India: Play and win jackpot on the best sports betting site

It’s time for your passion to pay back with Fun88 – one of the top sports betting sites in India.

Place a live bet or try your luck at 10,000+ different games as we make your foray into this exciting arena more thrilling with personalized bonuses and promotions!

Whether you’re a cricket follower or an ardent fan, we offer you the best way to put your love for the game to the test with multiple betting options and a variety of bet types.

With pre-match betting and live-match-betting we make cricket gambling simpler, easier and more exciting than ever before. From the pitch to the toss to the top match scorer to the winning side, every nuance of the cricketing game is available for you to punt on. And, not to miss our fast settlement process and seamless payouts!

Types of sports betting in india

Top sportsbook site on the go!

Playing online betting games has never been easier than right now, and right here at Fun88. You can easily access it on your mobile phone or laptop as you enjoy the game’s live stream on the best sports betting site.

You can place your bets on international cricketing from across the world, encompassing all formats of the game – be it T20 (IPL, CPL), T10, test cricket and other premier leagues. With in-play markets, competitive rates (odds), tips and analysis, you’re sure to experience the best of sporting events around the world. We also bring our support on the ground as we partner with the Caribbean Premier League 2020 as their official sports betting partner. We also give you a detailed glance of match results, current game odds, bonuses, and other promotions, making it easy to view from any part of the world. That being said, there are plenty of other games to bet on in India, including Basketball, Football, Badminton, Tennis, Rugby, Kabaddi and many more.

Place live bets on your favourite sports

We also cover live Tennis, Football Sports, Premier Leagues, International Fixtures, and Youth Tourneys to gamble on for a complete sports action. With the best live gambling combinations available on games, match results, goal-scoring, events or accumulators, we’ve lined up a thrilling experience for football lovers. Football fans will be hooked with a comprehensive online sportsbook, competitive odds, and on-the-go experience on our secure website and mobile app, available for iOS and Android users.

Soccer fans will also be in for a treat as we’ve lined up their favourite clubs - Newcastle United Football Club, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and others -with tickets, t-shirt giveaways and competitions! As the official shirt sponsor and betting partner, we’ve enhanced the engagement levels of football fans in many ways.

Likewise, we allow punters to bet on tennis and basketball tournaments as well. At Fun88, you can bet on Wimbledon matches, French Open matches, and other tennis competitions. We allow you to bet on Wimbledon qualifiers as well. The idea is to give tennis lovers as much thrill of betting as possible. Similarly, we allow you to bet on top basketball leagues as well.

Fun88 has also started offering an online lottery. We’ve partnered with ‘Saba Sports’ for this initiative.

What sort of bets can you place with FUN88

At Fun88, you can place various kinds of pre-match, live, and outright bets. Be it any sport, you’d never face a lack of options to wager on our platform. Depending upon which aspect of a match you like the most, you can place your bets on Fun88. So, what kinds of bets can you place with Fun88?

Match winner or moneyline bet – A Moneyline bet is the most basic form of wager. It simply means betting on which player or team will win a game. Suppose you are an ardent tennis fan, who has seen Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic grow as players over the years, you would certainly like to place a bet if these two guys are playing against each other. All you have to do is, visit the tennis section of Fun88’s website, and you’ll be able to place a bet on the eventual winner of a match. Similarly, if you are a cricket fan, you can bet on which team will win an upcoming match.

Top player – This betting option is usually available in the case of team sports, like cricket, football, baseball, etc. In a cricket match, you can place bets on ‘Top Batsman’ (who will score the maximum runs) and ‘Top Bowlers’ (who will take the maximum wickets). Bring all your sports knowledge and acumen to the table because this option lets you bet on who is most likely to emerge as the top player of a match. For example, if France and Argentina are playing a soccer match, you’ll be able to place a bet on whether Messi will score the maximum number of goals or Mbappé.

The margin of victory or point spread bet – Punters can also place live bets on the margin of victory when a game is on. For example, if Federer and Nadal are playing against each other, you can bet whether Nadal will win 3 sets to 2 or Federer will win 3 sets to 1. Likewise, if England and France are facing each other in football, you can punt on whether the margin of victory will be 1 goal, 2 goals, or more. It’s also called a point spread bet in which the better player or team is favoured by giving a specific number of points, which is a function of their ability to win a game.

Over/Under bets – Over/under bets are typically placed on a certain aspect of a game, which doesn’t have much to do with winning or losing. For example, betting in a soccer match on whether both the teams put together will score five goals or less. That’s an over/under bet. As opposed to analyzing the likely winner of the game, you’ve to focus on the goal-scoring ability of the two teams. Similarly, in an ODI cricket match, betting on whether two teams will make a combined score of 600 runs or not is an over/under bet.

Apart from it, you can find many other betting options for cricket, football, tennis, baseball, volleyball, and kabaddi on Fun88’s website. If you’re a cricket buff, you can even place a bet on how many runs will be scored off the next delivery, how the batsman in the middle will get out, who the next player to lose his wicket will be, etc.

For some of these options, you can place a bet before or after a match starts. For example, you don’t have to wait till the match starts to punt on the eventual match winner. At the same time, if you couldn’t place your bet before the match began, fret not because you can place a bet on this option even after the match has started.

There would always be some betting options for which it’s better to let a match start before you place your bet. It varies from situation to situation. So, analyse a game well before starting to punt on it.

Win big with the most exciting online betting sites in india

Fun88 offers some of the most exciting bonuses, prizes, lucky draws, and jackpots, which make you win really big. Whether you’re a new sports bettor or a seasoned punter, we have amazing offers for you.

Also enjoy India’s most popular contact sport tournament, Pro Kabaddi League and Global Kabaddi Games with an edge! You can place live bets on kabaddi match statistics, game-winners, players and more!

Our entire focus on sports gambling is backed by the best technology to draw match analysis, competitive odds, liaise with well-known partners and give our fans the best online betting games. All of this on the go with our mobile betting app and reliable transaction process.

Most popular sports events to bet on

Indian Premier League (IPL) - The most eagerly awaited T20 cricket tournament by Indian fans, the IPL provides tons of betting options to punters every year, as several teams comprising some of the best cricketers in the world contest for the coveted IPL trophy.

Pakistan Super League (PSL) - PSL is, without doubt, an exciting T20 tournament, which brings a number of fine Pakistani players and cricketers from around the world to compete with each other. The matches are thrilling and the bettors have ample opportunity to make a killing.

Caribbean Premier League (CPL) - A T20 competition in the Caribbean is bound to be exciting. More so, when it features some of the best West Indian players in this format of the game. Watch out for CPL betting odds at Fun88 to make the most of it.

Pro Kabaddi League - This professional level kabaddi league is hugely popular in India. And, why that wouldn’t be the case, as it focuses on “Kabaddi,” our very own Indian sport. Bettors from all over India, whether rural or urban areas, love wagering on “Pro Kabaddi League.”

Wimbledon - The most prestigious grand slam is also the most awaited by those who love punting on tennis. Wimbledon has given us a number of nerve-racking matches over the years. Fun88 offers the best tennis odds to help you win big by betting on Wimbledon matches.

The US Open - Talking of exciting grand slams, the US Open is right up there, as it offers a number of close matches every year. Moreover, it’s the only grand slam, which hasn’t been dominated by a particular player. So, it’s most exciting to guess as to who will win it next.

English Premier League (EPL) - EPL brings top-class football entertainment for soccer fans every year, as it sees the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool, Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Chelsea, and many other clubs competing with each other.
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Why is fun88 one of the best online sports betting sites in india?

Regular updates on ux design for the best online betting experience – Fun88 provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for punters on its website. With an intuitive and creative design, it’s genuinely easy to navigate to different parts of the website to place sports bets and participate in contests.

Bet with indian rupees (INR) – At Fun88’s website, you can place your bets in your local currency, INR. You don’t have to convert it into a foreign currency. Transferring funds in rupees is as hassle-free on our platform as it can get.

Convenient payment methods – Fun88 has some of the most convenient payment methods, which make fund deposit and withdrawal a breeze. These include Netbanking, UPI, G Pay, VISA, MasterCard, Ecopayz, Cryptocurrency, Astropay, and Sticpay. Having such well-recognized modes of payment assures punters that their money is in safe hands.

Most competitive betting odds – Fun88 is deeply committed to offering the most transparent and fair platform to sports bettors. That being the reason, we keep our margins low to offer the most competitive betting odds to punters willing to bet on sports. You can compare our betting odds with those offered by other platforms, and you’ll realise that we offer you some of the most fair deals. As a result, your probability of winning is really high at Fun88.

24/7 customer support – If you have any issues and concerns, you can always reach out to our customer support team here. The customer care executives are available 24/7 to help bettors with any problems they face. You can send a Whatsapp message, call, or send an email, and our executives will get back to you asap.

Betting exchange – Fun88’s betting exchange enables punters to offer direct bets to each other. A betting exchange is specifically for a situation when you want to bet on a specific option, but you can’t find it on Fun88’s site. Thanks to the betting exchange, you can offer a bet on this option to other punters. As punters directly offer bets to each other, commissions tend to be much lower on the betting exchange.

Bet on india’s most popular sports

Kabaddi betting
Also, enjoy India’s most popular contact sports tournament, Pro Kabaddi League and Global Kabaddi Games with an edge! You can place live bets on kabaddi match statistics, game-winners, players and more!

We’re backed by the best technology to draw match analysis, competitive odds, reliable transaction processes, and liaising with well-known partners to offer seamless sports gambling and online betting games experience. Enjoy the thrilling world of online betting games on the desktop version and Fun88 mobile betting app.

IPL cricket betting
Get a range of betting options for the Indian Premier League (IPL) every year on Fun88. We understand that the IPL is the biggest cricket bonanza for Indian fans. Therefore, at Fun88’s platform, they can punt on all possible aspects of the IPL. Right from the eventual IPL winner or orange and purple cap winners to likely coin-toss winner or number of runs in a particular over, you can get all sorts of betting opportunities on Fun88.

Visit our website day after day to find the best possible betting option for yourself. And in case you don’t find the betting option that you want, you can offer your own bet to other players using the betting exchange. Besides, you can win amazing prizes in a lucky draw like BMW – X7, Suzuki Hayabusa bike, and iPhone 13 Pro by betting on IPL on Fun88.

Football betting
Get moneyline bets, point spread bets, and over/under bets for soccer matches at Fun88. With a wide variety of football leagues like the English Premier League, The Champions League, and tournaments like the Euro Cup and the FIFA World Cup covered, you’ll get a lot of soccer betting options on our platform. Moreover, we partner with Newcastle United Football Club, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and many others for ticket-sales and t-shirt giveaways, so that keeps football punters glued to our platform, as there are countless opportunities to show love for the sport and also bet on the matches.

Basketball betting
Betting on basketball is fun, as it offers a lot of intensity and action with every shot. At Fun88, you can bet on several kinds of basketball matches and leagues. We offer you the most competitive betting odds, a state-of-art betting interface, fast payments, and superb prizes and offers. Visit Fun88 and bet on your favourite basketball team, like the Los Angeles Lakers, Toronto Raptors, etc. You can bet on the likely winner of a game, margin of victory, and several other aspects.

What should you look for in a sports betting site?

Check whether a betting site allows Indian bettors or not - The first thing that you should check is whether Indian bettors are allowed on a certain platform or not. A lot of betting sites allow players only from a certain geography. If a platform doesn’t allow Indian bettors, then you can’t place bets on it.

Variety of sports offered for betting - Ideally speaking, the more sports a betting platform allows you to bet on, the better. You won’t like to switch from one platform to another just because the sports you want to bet on aren’t there. So, you should check this aspect as well.

Range of deposit and withdrawal methods - Often punters tend to have different preferences when it comes to deposit and withdrawal methods. Therefore, you should always ensure that a betting platform offers an adequate range of such methods. At Fun88, we have payment options like Netbanking, UPI, GPay, VISA, Sticpay, Mastercard, Astropay, and many more.

Mobile-friendly site - Given that most punters go to a platform’s site to place their bets, it’s best if a platform has a mobile-friendly site. Conversely, if its site is not optimized for mobile, then it won’t be fun to bet on it.

Safe and secure site - While having a mobile-friendly site is advisable, a platform should also ensure that it adheres to high standards when it comes to the safety and security of its site by using data encryption and other practices.

Bonuses and promotions - Last but not least, do check what kinds of bonuses and promotions are offered by a betting platform. Typically, different offers are aimed at new and already registered players. Also, read the terms and conditions for promotions in detail.

Deposit methods of sports betting sites
As you get geared to start sports betting with Fun88, the first thing to do is signing up for an account and making a deposit. The next steps are:

- Visit the cashier at Fun88 betting site
- Choose the deposit amount and also claim any bonus offer you may wish to use
- Choose your selected banking method and fill in all the details
- Click confirm and start sports betting!

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    Cricket betting, Play On Asia’s Most Trusted Betting Site

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